Manage Stress at University

Topics: Mental illness, Hypertension, Problem solving Pages: 3 (962 words) Published: December 9, 2010
Stress occurs in human life is frequency because there are many challenge people need to face in daily. Also it is a part of student’s life, when the student study at university, they may face more difficult problem such as more expectation from their parents, financial problems, exam or assignment. There are many definitions about stress, one definition of stress is the body’s reaction from any situation or thought that changes a physical, mental or emotional adjustment or response. (Morrow, 2009) Sometimes appropriate stress is good for student as it pushed them to work better. It means that they can enhance their performance, including in exam. However, stress bring harmful more than beneficial, it can separate to physical and mental to present itself. In this essay, it will talk about the symptoms of stress and strategies of manage stress at university.

When student was overwhelmed by stress, it can show by physical. Pain may normal in our life but sometime it is because of stress, even though we may not realize it, such as headache, back pain, chest pain and stomach upset, that is the symptoms of stress. Also, long time living with stress can affect health, it may lead to some disease, for instance heart disease, heart palpitations and high blood pressure. One of the symptoms of stress is sleep problems, it can affect student frequent forgetfulness or decreased productivity at exam, also, long time cannot get enough sleep that can cause decreased immunity.(Mayo Clinic staff,2009) Moreover, stress can bring about mental problem. There are some symptoms is about emotion was affected by stress. When student live under pressure, they may always feel anger and they will arguing with their friends or loves one by little provocation or no reason. Stress also can make student feel lonely or isolated, they may trigger crying jags, sometimes seemingly without warning, even they may cry for little things unrelated to their stress. Furthermore, too much stress to...
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