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Topics: Management, Customer service, Goal Pages: 4 (1097 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Nisathip Peeratrakul
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Manage Personal Work Priorities and Professional Development

Today’s office has become much busier than before. Not only are most companies trying to “go lean” but the amount of interruptions has increased drastically. E-mail alone can take hours out of the average worker’s day, without producing anything of value to the company. Many see “multitasking” as the way to solve this problem. Yet, recent studies show that multitasking actually reduces one’s productivity, not increases it. The amount of time it takes the human brain to switch tasks makes multitasking an unreal fantasy. If we’re going to get our office staff back on track, we’re going to have to go back to applying the tried and true time management principles 1. Good Managers know which tasks contribute to their personal effectiveness and thus the organisations success. What role does planning play in ensuring they achieve them? Planning allows management to identify the goals and milestones required to produce outcomes that align to the objectives of the organisation. It also allows for commitment to timeframes when identifying objectives and milestones, identifies those members of the team responsible for achieving specific tasks and it also assists with task prioritisation. 2. Does technology help or hinder us in managing work/life balance? Technology enables us to create efficiencies when accessing and utilising information. If not managed properly technology can intrude on our work/life balance and create more stress and effort than it alleviates. 3. Discuss the importance of continually developing professional competence. Continually developing professional competence is an important aspect of an individual’s personal development as it enables employers and employees to remediate shortcomings in employee skills. Ensuring that professional competency development is supported within an organisation gives employees a sense of value for their employer and they...
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