Man - the Destructive Force of Nature

Topics: Mind, Human, Thought Pages: 4 (1498 words) Published: July 9, 2009
“As Man progresses scientifically, he has also become more destructive.” Examine the statement with respect to events and happenings around you and giving sufficient examples wherever necessary.

Man has, over the ages, been progressively moving towards a world and life of destruction. What most people fail to realise is that this destruction is not only the destruction of the world around us, but also a systematic destruction of the universe inside ourselves. Man has been destroying trees, forests, the birds and the bees, and on a completely different level, he has been destroying himself in terms of his mind, body and soul.

If one questions the reasons behind man’s almost instinctive destructive tendencies, one realises that the answer is not so easy to come by. People often say that material destruction is required for development and growth on an economic level. Personally, I believe that greed is the root of such detrimental activities carried out by humans. Greed is the vehicle of human destruction. We, in our eternal quest for more and more material comforts and luxuries, have become blind to the harsh realities of the world and what we are doing to it. We have grown selfish and think only about acquiring, rather than giving or helping.

Man has been steadily moving up the ladder scientifically. However, instead of using scientific assets wisely and in a beneficial way, we seem to be using our knowledge and assets in the way that is possibly the most harmful to us and the environment around us. We are cutting down forests, making holes in the ozone layer, misusing our natural mineral deposits, polluting our soil and water and essentially damaging our environment irreparably. What we fail to realise and acknowledge is that the environment around us serves as crutches to prop us up and ensure our survival in this world.

We use development and growth as an excuse to exploit our environment and to explain our destructive behaviour....
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