Man Nature Conflicts

Topics: SQL Pages: 3 (321 words) Published: January 20, 2013
; mswathi(Def Version:7) (Implem Version:15)

uses aILIndividualClaim

procedure Fix_10612
uses aILCededCoverage, aILCededCoverageTransaction, mDateTimeTypes, aILAssumedMasterClaim, mILBillingAccountingResource, mILCessionResource, aISUser, Motor, mTrace, aILAssumedIndividualClaim, mILCessionMethods, aILCession, aTransaction

var theDate : tBasicDate
var theEffectiveDate : tBasicDate
var curCededCoverage : aILCededCoverage
var curCededCovTransac : aILCededCoverageTransaction
var curClaim : aILAssumedMasterClaim
var curIndividualClaim : aILAssumedIndividualClaim
var curPrevCededCovTransac : aILCededCoverageTransaction
var theErrorMessage : CString
var curUser : aISUser
var count : Int4
var theFailureCount : Int4
var theSuccessCount : Int4
var Claimfound : Boolean
var curCession : aILCession
var theTransaction : aTransaction

theSuccessCount = 0
theFailureCount = 0
count = 0
forEach curUser in OQL select * from X in aISUser++ where X.Name = 'MHANSEN' break
forEach curCededCoverage in OQL select * from x in aILCededCoverage where x.ActivationStatus = cTerminated
Claimfound = False
mTrace.Trace('A Claim is not found for the CededCoverage') forEach curIndividualClaim in OQL select * from x in aILIndividualClaim where x.RefCededCoverage = curCededCoverage

Claimfound = True
mTrace.Trace('A Claim is found' && curIndividualClaim.RefMaster.Reference) break
mTrace.Trace('Upadating CededCoverage ' && IaS(curCededCoverage.Id) && ' of Policy ' && curCededCoverage.RefCession.PolicyNumber) theDate = curIndividualClaim.RefMaster.DateOfEvent

forEach curCededCovTransac in OQL select * from x in aILCededCoverageTransaction where (x.RefObject = curCededCoverage) and (x.TransactionType =...
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