Man & Machine

Topics: Bicycle, Cycling, Transportation Pages: 10 (834 words) Published: May 26, 2014
Maria Montessori Institute
High School Section

“Man and Machine”
Third Dimension

Anna Glenning

María Fernanda Mira Wong

4th Semester “A”

May 24th, 2013

In this project I’ll talk about an invention that came to me interesting, which is the bicycle. The project will develop the impact it has had on society and how life changes since the invention. To begin with, it’s important to know that bicycles are vehicles for human transport that have two wheels of the same diameter arranged in a line, a transmission system of pedal of metal frame that gives the structure and integrates components, handlebars for steering and a saddle to sit. The displacement is obtained by rotating the housing legs of the pedals which at the same time, makes the back wheel moves on pavement. It´s important to mention, that requires balancing by the rider. The basic configuration and design of the bicycle has changed little since the first chain drive model developed around 1885. The authorship of the bike is attributed to Baron Karl von Drais, a German inventor born in 1785. Currently there are about 800 million bicycles in the world (most of them in China), as well as main means of transport. Transportation is a healthy, environmentally friendly, sustainable and inexpensive, both to travel in town and on rural areas. Its use is widespread in most of Europe, being in countries like Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, parts of Poland and the Scandinavian countries one of the main means of transportation. In Asia, especially in China and India, is the primary means of transport. The bikes were very popular in the 1890s, in the 50s, 70s, and now again use has been growing considerably worldwide. Taking about the impact that bike has created in society one of the most renowned geneticists in the United Kingdom, states that the bike is at the top of the inventors that completely changed human relationships, even at the genetic level. Stephen Jones is a professor at University College London and says the bike has been the most important invention in the last 100,000 years of human evolutionary history, the reasons, explained to the BBC news channel during the weekly Science Club, is that "allowed humans no have a no longer limited to finding a partner in their community, villages and neighboring towns to have relationships with other people." Jones explained that despite having invented (the bike) in the early nineteenth century, was up just over 100 years after it became a worldwide phenomenon, this thanks to the change that was made in 2-element, its chain and spoked wheels, which made it more comfortable, simple, light and could go the distance with less effort. Distance is the key, because the bikes allowed people to travel to distant places of their usual visit, giving way to new relationships and downplaying others. Now, talking about how it changes life, in some newspaper articles of the time (late nineteenth century) in the UK reported that youth changed their way to flirt women, cycling decreased church attendance, created new trends in the form of courtship and even caused a decline in the use of the piano, as the men spent much time in this novel and practical means of transportation. But beyond the impact it had on lovemaking customs, science stresses that the most important contribution of the bicycle is reflected in our genes. According highlighted professor of ecology and evolutionary biology Stephen Stearns of Yale University in the United States to the publication of scientific Life Little Mysteries, expanded in 48km cycling distance courtship of men in England in the late nineteenth century. Stearns said that invention of the bicycle would have stimulated the paving of roads, which facilitated the subsequent incorporation into the world of automobile transportation. Stephen Jones also mentioned that today relations are given every day between people from different places, increasingly...
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