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Topics: Qing Dynasty, China, Japan Pages: 1 (466 words) Published: November 2, 2014

Ahmed Elagri
HIS 2301 01

Continuity and Change in East Asia
From the 1400 to 1800, the age of exploration plied an important role, which increased agricultural output and population growth and brought many new opportunities. China and Japan were two of the most beneficiaries of these major transformations although they suffered periods of war. Zhu Yuanzhang was the founder and the first emperor of the Ming Dynasty of China. During the Chinese historically, this emperor proved to be the dictatorial emperors in China. He suffered a lot when he was a child, which three of his family: his father, his brother, and that brother’s wife died. There are many causes of the decline of the Ming although the auspicious begging of the dynasty under the Hung Wu emperor. One of the most major causes is the revolution that racked the country. Also, the aggressive military expansion of Manchu is another reason for the decline and fall of the Ming. To large extent, many Chinese historians think that the Ming dynasty decreased because of the virtue and the question of competence of emperors gradually deteriorated. The Ming political innovation of concentrating of all powers in hand’s emperor plied an important role in this deterioration The Qing dynasty is considered to be the last imperial dynasty of China that was founded by The Manchus in North-eastern China. Nurhaci started to recognize tribes into “banners”, military-social units and forming a Manchu people. During the civil war in Japan, there are many positive effects that occurred, for instance trade, using coins, the appearance of some markets in some place where people congregate such as the entrances to temples and shrines. Tokugawa Government is seen as the last feudal Japanese military government that was between 1603 and 1868. Also, it is called the Edo period because the Shoguante was located at Edo. The Tokugawa shoguns reserved an important role during the Japanese...
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