Man Is Evil the Lord of the Fl

Topics: English-language films, Passage, American films Pages: 2 (634 words) Published: October 8, 1999
Man is Evil

Man is naturally evil. There are many different ways to prove this theory; some include philosopher’s perspectives and literature. People have been debating back and forth weather or not man is evil or good. This report is about to prove that man is in fact evil. The writer chose to prove his theory with passages from the story Lord of the Flies. Now there any many quotes in this book that can prove otherwise, however, he still believes that man is evil. Just read this passage. “…“I don’t care what they call me,” he said confidently. “So long they don’t call me what they did at my other school.” Ralph was interested. “What was that?” the fat boy glanced over his shoulder, then leaned toward Ralph and whispered “they use to call me ‘Piggy’” Ralph shrieked with laughter he jumped up “Piggy!,Piggy!”… (Golding 11) Now that was only one example of why man is naturally evil. Right there Piggy decides to place trust in Ralph and in seconds it is shattered. This could relate to society in that if some one tells another person something in private. Then the next day when the kid goes back to school it’s all around school it would be nearly the same thing. There is another passage from this book that may help prove that man is naturally evil. It reads, “…“I’ve got the conch, Ralph thinks you’re all a bunch of cowards, running away from the boar and the beast. And that’s not all.” There was a kinda sigh on the platform as if everyone knew what was coming. Jack’s voice went up; tremulous yet determined, pushing against the unco-operative silence. “He’s like Piggy. He says things like Piggy. He isn’t a proper chief.” Jack clutched the conch to himself. “He’s a coward himself.”…”(Golding 126) Now in that passage jack was trying to overthrow...
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