Man and environment

Topics: Habitat, Predation, Animal Pages: 4 (1154 words) Published: March 15, 2014
TOPIC: Why is a decline of large carnivores important?

- The roles of large carnivores in the ecosystems
They make population of herbivores smaller and thus preserve balance of plants and they also turn grass lands into tundra. They disrupt natural balance of other animals and their natural habitat. That why humans kill them

- Positive and negative impacts on the presence and the absence of large carnivores, respectively Positive impact on the presence is that they keep plants balance by killing herbivores and also kill other carnivores. Positive impact on the absence is that they will not disrupt natural balance of other animals and their natural habitats.

- Causes of declines of large carnivores
Human action causes decline of large carnivores habitat loss, loss of prey combine to create global hotspots of carnivore decline and also carnivores kill carnivores.

- How to prevent the declines of large carnivores
Decline of large can be prevented by keeping them in sanctuaries and national parks where they are protected by security. We should also have laws to protect them why they are in wildlife sanctuaries and national parks.

- News, reports, document or studies on global declines of large carnivores BBC news,
Three quarters of the world's big carnivores - including lions, wolves and bears - are in decline, says a new study. A majority now occupy less than half their former ranges according to data published in the journal, Science. The loss of this habitat and prey and persecution by humans has created global hotspots of decline. The researchers say the loss of these species could be extremely damaging for ecosystems the world over.

A report from the global conservation organization, WWF,
As explained in the biodiversity section of this web site, conservation of ecosystems and the species within them would help to maintain the natural balances disrupted by recent human activity. A report from the global conservation organization,...

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