Man's Search for Meaning Review

Topics: Meaning of life, Man's Search for Meaning, Viktor Frankl Pages: 3 (1314 words) Published: February 19, 2006
Not too long ago, I had joined a philosophy class at ULM. The class seemed to be interesting and quite invigorating. One of the class major requirements was to write a review on Dr Frankl's book, "Man's search for meaning." At first, as most students would think, I thought "one more book to review," but later on I also thought "let's give it a fighting chance." So, I began reading the book, somewhat, a few days after it was assigned. The funny part was that the content, actually, revived some memories and intrigued my interest rather than boring me to death as I initially speculated. My grandfather is from Poland, and he was held captive during World War II by the Germans; while I was reading the book all of the memories that he shared with me about the war began popping in my head, like the mushrooms in the Amazon forest! At first, I needed to find out who was Victor Frankl; I needed to look in depth who was this person. After numerous searches, I found out he was born in 1905 and died in 1997; he was a neurologist, psychiatrist, founder of logotherapy, and existential analysis. And most importantly, he was an Auschwitz survivor. Dr Frankl authored thirty two books that were published in no less than 29 languages. The book I was supposed to review, "Man's search for meaning" belongs to the ten most influential books in the US. Even though he is not alive today, his memory and work are remembered, honored, and praised accordingly by various institutions, philosophers, scientists, and other people alike. "Man's search for meaning" main theme concentrates on the tortures, struggles, and the essence of existence of the prisoners in the concentration camps. Dr Frankl described in quite a bit of detail the emotional, spiritual, and physical status of the various encampments he attained during his imprisonment. The inhumane treatment, the lack of food, and the lack of relaxation were triggers for the prisoners to respond and probably survive. In fact, Dr Frankl used a...
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