Man's Search for Meaning Essay

Topics: Man's Search for Meaning, Auschwitz concentration camp, Viktor Frankl Pages: 4 (1166 words) Published: May 14, 2012
Man’s Search for Meaning
Victor E. Frankl

1. What is Frankl’s argument for freedom? Cite at least three passages that support this argument.

Man has a choice. This is Frankl’s argument for freedom. He said that freedom is achieved through making choices. One chooses a thing over another and accepts the necessary consequences either positive or negative. In his experiences inside the concentration camp, freedom is shown in little ways but is demonstrated in bigger implications.

First, to support his argument, I read in the book that the prisoners have their hair removed in all the parts of their body and were sent to shower. There, all prisoners were naked. Frankl pointed out that their nakedness brought them home. In this case, they had a choice to either be shameful for what they were told to do or be open-minded and use the situation to be connected with their past life. Frankl personally used the situation as a material link with his former life because he said that his bare body is his only possession that no one can take from him. They really had nothing but still he chose to hope for a better tomorrow.

Freedom is also demonstrated in the part where he was given a choice to volunteer to aid the typhus patients. The doctor, who was concerned about him, asked him to stay in the camp because it is not sure whether they will be sent to the other camp or to the gas chambers and be dead. But still, he chose to be with the ill prisoners. It is difficult for a person to choose something which has no assurance of the consequences. He decided to aid the patients with his acquired skills in the field of medicine and psychiatry even though he is not sure where they will be sent to. The disappointment and sadness in the face of the doctor is already a sign of warning for Frankl saying that sometimes it is not true that they will be transferred to another camp rather, they will be gassed. But still, he kept his word of going with the sick patients.

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