Man's Greatest Invention Is

Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Fertile Crescent, Agriculture Pages: 3 (876 words) Published: November 11, 2012
Man’s Greatest Invention
Man’s greatest inventions will be the topic of this journal. Although, inventions may or may not come in a man-made object but it does come from the work of man’s intelligence and determination to survive in this world as described in Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs”. This paper will express the source and significance of the Fertile Crescent to man’s greatest intellectual inventions, and explain why certain countries prosper and other countries were unable to develop during this era. In today’s society, the year 2009, it is evident that crops, animals, human ideas and concepts, and inventions from the Fertile Crescent have proliferated throughout the world.
In the beginning, 13,000 years ago, the origin of the fertile crescent in the Middle East, not only provided significant advantages it played a major role in man’s quest to grow and survive. In fact, the Fertile Crescent geographical location contributed to a climate suitable for farming, producing land to be rich in food resources such as, the nutritious wheat and barley, cow, pig, sheep, and goat needed from nomads to live. During this era approximately 9,000 years ago, on the ancient country of Mesopotamia now called Iraq, lived the Sumerian that unfolded the inventions of human ingenuity. The Sumerian were highly intelligent, resourcefulness, and energetic people that established the first civilization, created the first human social organization, developed farming techniques, raise livestock, invented writing (alphabets) and the cuneiform language, principles of mathematics, manufactured hand tools and weaponry, pottery, and the wheel. Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs” is very relevant during this era. In order for a Sumerian to adapt to its needs, a Sumerian must fulfill five steps in its proper order for survival listed as follows: •The first step is the Physiology Needs, the need for food, water, shelter, and air. oThe Sumerian proved the physiology need in two...
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