Man's Blinding Greed for Money Damages His Soul

Topics: Britney Spears, Happiness, Brian Wilson Pages: 2 (564 words) Published: April 14, 2002
'I want it all-money,fast cars,diamonds rings and champagne.'So says Warren G in his quadruple platinum single 'I want it all'.Hip hop artists profess their love for money through such lyrics.They portray this love through their music videos.Flashy cars,expensive clothing,extravagant locations and money are shown with the utmost ostentation.

Young people look up to these musicians as their role models.They believe that those musicians have the perfect lives.You couldn't possibly go wrong with all that money.Or could you?MC Hammer,Toni Braxton and TLC all have one thing in common-they were all bankrupt at some point in their careers.Whitney Houston is a marijuana addict.Do these people have so much money that they don't even know what to do with it?Most musicians xompose their own songs and everyone knows that the best ballads are the ones about broken hearts.Therefore,are musicians really rich inside?Wouldn't we all be if we just looked for the bare necessities in life?Happiness,truth and love.

Happiness as defined in the Oxford Dictionary is a feeling of luck,fortune and contentment.Most hip hop artists express their childhoods as miserable experiences because they grew up in the ghetto.But now that they have acquired all this wealth,their lives just couldn't be better.Could they have not made the best out of their childhood,knowing that they were loved and cared for?Weren't they truly happy then without all the material accessories?In my opinion,if you are lucky enough to be alive,fortunate enough to have food and a bed,and content in the love you receive,then you experience happiness which no piece of paper or coin can take away.

'She's so lovely,she's a star.But she cries in her lonely heart thinking if there's nothing missing in my life then why do these tears come at night.'Is Britney Spears mirroring the life of a real-life artist in her song 'Lucky'?Are artists really the people we perceive them to be or do they just wear masks to complete the...
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