“Man’s Continuous Searching for New Avenue of the Known and Unknown Reality”

Topics: Universe, Nicolaus Copernicus, Earth Pages: 2 (530 words) Published: June 24, 2013
The title itself brings intrigue to me, with a mix of confusion. If I have to depend on my own thought in discussing this topic, I’d feel helpless, so I try to reflect on the topic phrase by phrase and along with how the perception of different people has onto it. I have come up with the basic understanding that. Man has a hunger for seeking truth, and undiscovered truth. In its generalized way, whether it be in what lies beyond the universe, what human ingenuity contains of at the current era or simply the truths, facts that lies in this earth that are yet to be known to man. Digging onto the depths of philosophy, from the construction of the very first School of thought, to the continuous expansion of human intelligence up to date, I think it wouldn’t be enough to say that “Man has made a long way, with all these technologies and new mindsets attained” Like how much people still fought with counter-attack for cancer, aids and other diseases that wiped out a fraction of the world’s population, or even in possible twisted and complicated perceptions of the things that are both within and out of our reach. We just couldn’t keep our hands off from discovering new things. It very much gives me an illustration of man, flying into space to discover extra terrestrial entities, as how astronomers from the renaissance period have come up with theories, and the never ending argument of the creation of the universe, once stating that the earth was flat and years later claiming that it wasn’t flat. It was round, and when Nicolaus Copernicus had theorized that the sun was the center of the universe. And NASA up to this date, keep on conducting space explorations to discover other galaxies, stars, and possible life forms that cease to exist outside the planet. We tend to cross the boundary of what we learn from one thing, going to another. If I were to visualize this avenue of reality and unknown reality, Reality is already a familiar path we walk on yet there are roads that...
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