Mamma Mia Movie Review

Topics: Tourism, Hugh Jackman, Ewan McGregor Pages: 3 (1194 words) Published: October 9, 2009
Movie Setting Description The setting of the movie is in one of the small islands of Greece. The island is called “Kalokairi”. The movie showed that the island is like a haven for all the distressed people because the island has a breathtaking view and the environment itself is just refreshing. The setting is a typical Greek environment wherein there are donkeys, concrete villas that are square-type, and the up and down slopes. It is an ideal place to wake-up every morning because of its peaceful, clean, and preserved environment. {draw:frame} Skopelos is a relatively unspoiled island catering to British and Greek tourists. It's considered an "expensive" island by Greek standards, definitely not catering to the backpacker crowd. Skopelos was best known for its plums, pears and pine trees. Skopelos is also considered as the greenest and the freest island of Greece for the fact that it really is a small paradise. Type of Business Operated Problems at Present and at the Future Villa Donna faces a lot of problems that is vital to the operations of the hotel. These current problems may result to more serious problems in the future. Donna is concerned on the numerous problems that her hotel is facing. I can think of several major problems that she is facing now. Second is ACCESSIBILITY. This is a major issue is the movie. We all know that there are no airports located on the island or even bridges connecting the island to the mainland. The only transportation available is by sea. The problem is that there is only one transfer and the next is in a couple of days. One solution that I can think of is that Villa Donna should schedule more transfers and make it daily so that tourist cannot be burdened with only one transfer. This factor is one issue that tourist take into consideration before they go to different places. Just like the problem of the two leading men, they were late so the boat left them and the next transfer was for a couple of days....
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