Mamma Mia

Topics: ABBA, Mamma Mia, Meryl Streep Pages: 2 (642 words) Published: March 27, 2002
Mamma Mia

The story was based on a young lady named Sophie who would be getting married in a few weeks. She lives with her mother on a small island where they run a small hostel. Before her wedding, Sophie finds one of her mother's old diaries that give her clues about her unknown father. There is a bit of difficulty however because there are three possible candidates that fit the role of her father so she invites them all to her wedding without her mother's knowledge in hope of finding out whom her father really is. I believe that there were no subplots because it was a basic story with more of a musical theme than one about a story.

I think that the main themes consisted of the different types of love between Sophie's family and friends, relationships as well as a bit of an identity crisis because Sophie doesn't know who her father is therefore she is missing a part of herself that makes her who she is.

Sophie Sheridan

I believe that the costumes were very effective because they portrayed the mood and they were the best when they were singing at the end because they were so bright and make you feel excited although I don't quite approve of men wearing six-inch heels. The lights and the quality of sound were fabulous and I believe that it made the play enjoyable since the play was based on all of ABBA's music. Besides all of the music, I think that the visual effects were very important because it had to have something more than just a basic plot that flowed around ABBA songs. During the performance, they had a rotating stage that could set the scene of the pier, outside as well as inside the hostel. I found this to be very effective because it was set up well and it set the scene for the actors. Another interesting element was the pathway that was broken up into several sections that could elevate off the floor to represent stairs, a pier, or a pathway. The main background...
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