Mamdatory Seat Belt Debate Paper

Topics: Seat belt legislation, Crash test dummy, Risk compensation Pages: 2 (719 words) Published: March 26, 2007
Meet John. John is a good guy. Your average Joe. One day John gets in his car to go to work. He puts on his seatbelt like the government made him and starts driving. While John is driving over a bridge he sees a duck crossing the road. He veers to avoid it and crashes into the water. John's car is sinking. He struggles with his seat belt, but he can't get it off. He can't breathe. The next morning, John's car washes up on the beach. All his family and friends are very sad. Under seat belt laws this could be you. I believe seat belt use should not be mandatory because seatbelt campaigns spend millions of taxpayer dollars that could be used otherwise, seat belt laws have not been shown to prevent accidents, and seat belt laws infringe on our natural rights.

Firstly, seat belt use should not be mandatory because seatbelt campaigns spend millions of taxpayer dollars that could go toward funds for causes such as schools and charities. We pay taxes, right? And our taxes are supposed to go to the government to be spent on causes that help the population, right? Well, would you want your hard earned money spent on enforcing an unjust law? Dr. Walter Williams states, in an article published September 10, 2003, " Under the Transportation Equity act for the 21st Century, the federal government is spending $500 million to aggressively enforce seatbelt laws." Do you want your taxes to be spent on enforcing a seat belt law? Think of all the new textbooks $500 million would buy for schools. Think of all the charities $500 million would fund. Think of all the homeless $500 million would feed. Do you want that money to be used to fund a law that forces people to wear seat belts?

Second, not one penny of the said $500 million has been shown to prevent even one car accident, and has been proven to cause them? William J. Holdorf stated that "because wearing a seat belt gives a person a false sense of security as promise by the government, studies have shown that drivers...
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