Malnutrition Among Children In India

Topics: Malnutrition, Poverty, India Pages: 4 (1185 words) Published: October 7, 2013
Malnutrition Among the Children of India

India is among the highest of all countries in the world that suffer most from malnutrition in children with 46% under the age of 36 months (Wakefield 2011). Why should helpless children suffer from a preventable problem? With almost 220.1 million people living below the poverty line it makes it nearly impossible for many families to feed their children. Poverty is something that can be stopped but actions from the government need to be put in place. Food should not be a privilege but rather a right. From the words of Frances Moore Lappe, “Food has become a political weapon.” Millions of babies die each day due to inadequate nutrition. They are suffering because of a lack of resources, education, and governmental support. With our world in an abundance of food why is malnutrition a problem? The world is centered on money and that is something that will never change but with proper policies and certain efforts there can be relief in malnutrition. In India’s rural poverty stricken states money is scarce. Small-scale farmers struggle to produce enough crops for a small amount of rupee (Indian’s currency). These farmers sell almost their entire crop to the markets in order to buy the things they need to survive. With the unpredictability of weather crops may not grow and then these families suffer with even less. Since agriculture is the largest employer this is the main problem when combating malnutrition. Although there has been an 8% increase in India’s overall economy the agricultural sector is not growing fast enough (Gulati, et al, 2012). The lack of growth in agriculture has prevented any possible decrease in malnutrition. The Indian government needs to improve productivity in agriculture first and foremost in order to make any positive changes towards the reduction of malnutrition in children. India is divided up into many states some being wealthy while others being of the most poor in the world. In Goa, Delhi,...

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