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Topics: Management, Decision making, Decision theory Pages: 10 (2734 words) Published: October 26, 2014
The Malestates Sdn. Bhd. is one of the large plantations in Malaysia, which contained 25,500 acres of estate and having 2500 estate and factory employees and managers.
Mr. Lok Kim Sun is the manager of the estate and he has 26 years working experience in the estate who started work from lower management as a junior planter to become an Estate Manager. He is a very domineering kind of individual and so afraid to make a mistake. His past working experience has stimulated him with a one-man approach and the company headquarters in Kuala Lumpur are accepted and satisfied with his flat organizational structure and management.

Mr. Henry Davidson is the Estate Agent and member of the Senior Management Committee in Kuala Lumpur. He described to be a very autocratic military attitude because of the previous experience as a major in British Army. He visited Lok’s estate often and Mr. Lok has to report the progress and present every detail of the estate to him.

Due to the organizational structure conducted by Mr. Lok, there are 19 employees will directly report to him. There are about two to four conductors and up to 250 labour forces under field assistant which depending on the type of crop. Instead of the Field Assistant, there also have Factory Manager, Factory Engineer, Nurse Assistant, Hospital Assistant, Agricultural Research Superintendent, Senior Security Officer, Office Assistant and Transport Manager. According to the case study, Mr. Lok has involved himself in many different tasks such as annual estimation, monthly returns planning, identifying problems from two trade unions and others. However, he still has to deal with outsiders like local labour officer, Area Security Officer, OCDP, health authorities and others officials. Moreover, he even has to handle some administrative works by himself. Since everyday he has to face many tasks and unable to make decision immediately, problems appeared and the problems cannot solve on time. Therefore, he finds it is difficult to meet all the demands upon him from the estate and head office.


2.1.Mr. Lok Kim Sun Attitude towards work

Mr. Lok confidence gain from his 26 years of experience in various levels of works in organization strongly encouraged him in practicing the one man approach and became too obsessive towards his work. Problems occurred when too many responsibilities incurred including the administrative work in order to avoid risk in mistakes. This poses his lack of confidence and trust towards subordinates.

2.2.Mr. Henry Davidson Attitude

Mr. Henry Davidson considered as an autocratic leader towards his employees. His experiences as a former successful planter and was once a major in British Army has increased his confidences level in making decisions. The high commitment expected from Mr. Davidson towards Mr. Lok in reporting details information of various aspects and progress in organization affects his job performances.

2.3.Organizational structure

Mr. Lok is proud and comfortable with his flat organizational structure which directs him to in charge of various specific departments in the organization. Delegations of work are not functional properly and this has caused him with much dysfunctional management between his personal time and formal work. The norms in the organizations are all personnel from each level and department as mention are reporting directly to Mr. Lok. Problems occur when he is not able to cope and has delayed them which effect the forward planning of the organization main production process.

The staffs is considered lack of self-decision making ability when they have to deal with the procedure and referring to Mr. Lok himself on any task completion or difficulties. This generates delayed on any matters including solving urgent problems. Staffs level of knowledge and education can be considered as problems where the capabilities and...
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