Malene Dietrich, Style Icon

Topics: World War I, Mick Jagger, World War II Pages: 3 (1097 words) Published: November 17, 2008
Marlene Dietrich, an absolute Icon.

In this essay I am going to talk about the icon; Marlene Dietrich. I will discuss how Dietrich came to become an icon of her time. I will look at what else was happening around the time of her height of fame. I will also look into the affect Marlene Dietrich had on the fashion world then, and of course whether she still affects fashion today. It was clear she took Europe by storm with her looks and talent.

“If she had nothing more than her voice she could break your heart with it. But she has that beautiful body and the timeless loveliness of her face. It makes no difference how she breaks your heart if she is there to mend it.”

Quoted by, Ernest Hemingway.

In the ‘30s a lot was going on in Europe socially, politically and in the fashion world. Hitler rose to power because after the First World War there was a severe depression in Germany, Britain an American. Factories closed down and the unemployment rate was extremely high. A large quantity of the people that weren’t on the Nazi’s side would have been the businessmen who running the current business. Hitler blamed the Jewish people in Germany because at the time, they ran most of the businesses. The German people had quite a bit of the empire before the first war. After the war they lost this. A lot of people blame the fact that Britain was too harsh on Germany towards the end of the war leaving them with nothing. A lot of people left Germany to be safer and possibly have a better future. Many people in Germany including film stars, film makers and scientists left for America in the late 1800s and early 1900s in quantity. Many left before the war because of the opportunities and because of the way Germany was at the time, it was a ‘police state’. A lot of the Germany public felt that they were being watched all the time. Germany used to be lots of different states in the 1800s run by various princes...
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