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The Male Reproductive System
The male reproductive system generates and propels sex cells. This occurs during sexual intercourse and perpetuates the survival of Humanity in order to reproduce offspring from generation to generation. (Innerbody, 2013) The Male hormones that stimulate the reproductive organs are produced in the anterior patuitary gland and their release is controlled by Gonadotrophin Releasing Hormone (GnRH) made in the hypothalamus within the brain. The two Hormones include; Luteinising Hormone (LH) and Follicle Stiulating Hormone (FSH). LH stimulates the interstital cells in the testes to produce Testosterone. FHS stimulates the seminifirous tubules within the testes to produce spermatozoa. A peptide hormone Inhibin secreted by the gonads inhibits the release of FHS once the required amount of spermatatoza has been produced. (Boundless, 2013) The male reproductive system has an Eternal and Internal structure. These structures contain specific organs which are competent for producing sperm, male sex hormones and allowing the organs to operate. (, 2013) Subsequently, the male reproductive Organs are required to:

Produce, develop and transfer spermatozoa.
Deposit semen into the female reproductive tract.
Secrete male sex hormones.

The External Structures
Most of the male’s reproductive organs are located outside the body unlike the female. The external male reproductive organs include the penis, scrotum and the testicles. These are located in the pelvic area underneath the abdomen.(, 2013) Penis

This is the male organ used during sexual intercourse. It consist of the shaft, main body of penis, the root which connects the penis to the muscles within the abdomen. The gland is known as the head of the penis which is covered in foreskin. This skin can be removed in a process called circumcision. The main purpose of the penis is to carry and discharge the male sex hormone spermatozoa female. Sexual arousal...
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