Male Myth

Topics: Gender, Male, Brad Pitt Pages: 2 (525 words) Published: February 20, 2013
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The Myth of the Male Machismo

I have read in a book that The term Machismo first appeared in Latin American literature in the mid-twentieth century. The term was used by Latina feminists and scholars to criticize the patriarchal structure of gendered relations in Latino communities. Their goal was to describe a particular Latin American brand of patriarchy . There are lots of celebrities and famous people that can be considered as a male sex symbol like George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise etc. the list goes on endlessly. But I really wonder how certain people are considered more manly compared to others. Perhaps it is how they carry their selves or maybe they have more muscular figure and more facial hair. According to the article that I have just read, ("Richard Gomez at Ang Mito ng Pagkalalake") masculinity has its political, economical and sexual power. I think this true because since the first civilizations, man were regarded as someone who is the opposite of women. And women during the early days were considered as weak and only good for house hold chores. In short, Man who act like women were considered weak and not fit to be called a man. Richard Gomez, who is a matinee idol of the Philippine cinema during the nineties era is a good example of a Male sex symbol. He was adored by many. All women wanted to be with him and all men wanted to be him. I could Imagine how it is like to be Richard Gomez during the nineties. He must have gotten a lot of "perks" during his hay day.(if you know what I mean) I bet he even received lots of indecent proposals from homosexuals and old, rich women. I guess it wasn't all happy go lucky for him.

The film Dyesebel, showed the patriarchal way of the Filipino culture. The film is most of the time focused...
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