Male Circumcision

Topics: Circumcision, Penis, Urinary tract infection Pages: 2 (485 words) Published: March 10, 2014
Annotated Reference
Rothberg, L. (2008). The pros and cons of circumcision. Rn, 50(7), 30-32 Circumcision is our nation’s most practiced procedure, however the procedure itself is becoming more and more controversial as time goes by. Most decisions on whether to perform a circumcision or not is not related to medical facts, but cultural opinions instead. Some religions believe in circumcision while some do not. There are some down sides medically from a person not being circumcised such as urinary track infections and so forth. There are some draw backs to the procedure, but many are not affected by the procedure. This article does not have a date but the author a former OB/GYN nurse, is a member of the editorial board of The Woman’s Newspaper in Princeton, N>J> and writes very frequently on many health issues. Because of this I do believe the author is very credible.

Fauntleroy, G. (2010). The truth about circumcision and HIV. Mothering the home for natural family living. 149. This article explains how in certain countries and religions are against circumcision. However ,not getting a circumcision can cause great risks to your health. The author also explains how Americans, most Americans get circumcised, have the lowest infection rates due to the child being circumcised. The author also talks about the issue of HIV being related or more common in uncircumcised men then those who are circumcised. This article was written by Gussie Fauntleroy in 2010 and cant find much information about her background, however I can tell she has extensively researched the topic and I fell confident that she is only stated facts or opinions of professionals rather than her own opinion. Marx V., Lawton G. Cut. Science Direct. 199(2665). 40-43.

This article explains how 30 percent of men have had the circumcision procedure. Also most circumcisions are performed for mainly cultural or religious reasons only, but still few are performed just for medical purposes. The...
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