Male Chauvinism

Topics: Gender, 2004 singles, Woman, Man / Pages: 2 (474 words) / Published: Feb 12th, 2014
Male Chauvinism Let’s begin with very definition of male chauvinism. It is the belief that men are superior to women. There are men who believe this to be true and some women do to. Most of us are raised with the thought that a woman’s place is in the kitchen and not in the workplace. I on the other hand have mixed feelings on this subject. I believe male chauvinism is like a double edge sword. In one aspect, I believe a woman’s place is at home. She needs to be at home taking care of the kids, cleaning the house, and making sure dinner is done when I get home from work. I mean how could they be as physical strong or dominant as me? She can’t come to my job and lift a 100lb bag of shingles, but she can go in the kitchen and make me a sandwich. When it’s time to go shopping that’s her job, mine is to bring it in from the car. When the house needs cleaned that’s also her job, mines to take out the trash. This is how most of us are raised to think. Now on the other hand I believe if she wants to do it, let her. If she wants to be the bread winner and she can do it, why not? If she has the physical capabilities whose going to stop her? If she has that strong will and passion to work, I say go with it. Not every woman feels her only job is being a stay at home mom. Maybe going to work is what makes her happy, and that is fine by me. I want my woman to be happy, but not everyone thinks that way. In society male chauvinism is forced on us. For example, if my car broke down whose job is it to fix it? If I have her fix it my friends, family or my neighbors are going to gossip about how she is the man of the relationship. Behind my back they are going to call me a sissy and laugh at me. What if though she knew how to fix it and I didn’t? Society teaches us that it’s a man’s job to fix the car while it’s her job to bring me a cold beer and a sandwich. In some cases though people mistaken male chauvinism for chivalry. I carry in the groceries because I want

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