Male and Female Difference

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Eric V. Snow, 3-10-01, Speech for Cabela’s

Years ago, the government sued Sears Roebuck for not hiring enough women for certain direct sales jobs. What Sears didn’t roll over and play dead. They argued that women simply didn’t like high pressure direct sales jobs, and wouldn’t apply for them much. In order to prove their point in court, they brought in a feminist scholar who argued that because women have a different personality from men that they wouldn’t like these kinds of jobs since they required aggression. She was a “difference” feminist, a group of feminists who believe women and men have fundamental differences in how they act, think, and look at the world.

So then, do men and women have innately different personalities? Do boys and girls behave differently only because they are raised differently by their parents and taught differently by teachers? Or are they different because they have inherited from their parents’ genes different ways of thinking and acting? Are men and women only different because of how people in society deal with each other? Or are their personality differences rooted in hormones and other chemicals in the body that are fundamentally unchangeable?

The great error of feminists is that they are fighting biology. The normal type of feminist says men and women are completely equal and completely the same by nature. They say the differences between men and women are purely the result of how society deals with men differently from women when they’re younger.

S.P.S. Today, I shall argue that we can know that men and women have innately different personalities based upon scientific knowledge. Since this is true, boys should be raised one way, and girls another. We should recognize in ourselves, and be self-conscious, about how being a man will make us look at the world differently from women.

First, let’s consider the evidence for innate differences between men and women. One approach is to consider what goes on in various primitive tribes in such places as New Guinea, Africa, and the Amazon jungle in Brazil. Anthropologists, who are the scientists who investigate how primitive tribes live and think, have studied into the sex roles of primitive people. If there were an equal number of primitive tribes in which women were dominant over the men, and men over the women, then that would be good evidence the differences in personality weren’t inherited. By random chance, then, we in America merely ended up part of a society in which men dominated over women traditionally.

Main basic difference: Men aggressive, women passive, by personality, although both equally intelligent.

But in fact men dominate, that is, they hold most of the leadership positions in every single society and tribe ever studied. Steven Goldberg, The Inevitability of Patriarchy, systematically looked at every report of matriarchy (when women are the bosses, not men) among various peoples and tribes. He couldn’t find one case in which women held political power. Even the famous female anthropologist Margaret Mead conceded in a book review that Goldberg presented his information faultlessly. No real life “Amazons.”

George Murdock: Compared some 500 cultures, found in ALL of them that fighting and leadership were associated with men.

B. Whiting: Studied sex separate cultures: One each in India, Okinawa, the Philippines, Mexico, Kenya, and New England. He found that boys were more aggressive and violent in all of them, and girls were more nurturing and responsible with younger children.

Famous misused study: Margaret Mead’s three South Pacific tribes. In one tribe (Arapesh), both sexes wanted to care for the children all day long. Lack of food problem resulted. Men kind, gentle, cooperative, but not successful vs. environment. In another (Mundugumor), women were very assertive, indifferent to...
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