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Annotated Bibliographies of Malcom X and Black Rage

Cornel West “MalcomX and Black Rage ." Writing in Response. Parfitt, Matthew. Ed. Boston. Bedford/St.Martin's, 2012. 450-459. Print.

Cornel West in his article “Malcom X and Black Rage” shows the anger that Malcom X had for the unfair treatment to the African American in the society. West in his article explain that Malcom X motivation was his real love to black people which makes him different than any other black leader. According to west Malcom X want Black people to stop the portrayal society had of them by forcing the rest of American to see them differently. Also West give as example of the white lenses Malcom X fight among the black people by the example of Michael Jackson who even was the best entertainer ever lived his self-asses was based of white yardstick.

In my opinion the Article of Malcom X and Black Rage by Corel West cover important part of Malcom X believe and personality which made him one of the great speakers of American history. I think that article has good information about the personality of Malcom X and mention the differences between him and other black leaders in African America History. However, I think that article has some missing important point of the life of Malcom For example the secret of Malcom X personality was from a long suffering from self-measurement as white when he was young. Besides that I believe that West He mixed in his article between the Nation of Islam as a group of people have their own believe and the religion of Islam. Moreover, Malcom X in his last years shows that he was wrong in many things in his believe which the article didn't cover.
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