Malcolm X

Topics: Malcolm X, Black people, Nation of Islam Pages: 2 (846 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Throughout Malcolm Little’s life, he had several different names that people would call him. Different people gave some of the names he was called to him and he chose some of his names as well. Malcolm X and El Hajj Malik El Shabazz are two names he changed them to. Detroit Red was one of the names people made up. Malcolm X had a lot of different names that people would call him at certain times of his life. One of them was Malcolm X, because his birth name was Malcolm Little, he changed it to X when he was older because it was a slave name. He changed his name in 1952 after he moved to Chicago, when he joined the Nation of Islam. Some of the African American followers of Mohammed believed that their last name was not there true family name. This is because when they were slaves they would get the white slave owners last name to show a sign of ownership. So the Islamist African Americas would change their last name to ‘X’, because they all disagreed of what the white slave owners would do. Also because it was a mark of an unknown to their own last name because there wasn’t any record of their ‘real’ last name. Later in his life he changed his name again to El Hajj Malik El Shabazz, but he is still known to everyone as Malcolm X. Another name he was called when he moved to New York was Detroit Red. Since they knew he was from Michigan they asked him what city he was from, but since most New Yorkers never heard of Lansing, they would call him Detroit. And he also had red hair so they combined Detroit and red together to get Detroit Red. And after a while he would be called Detroit Red and it stuck with him.

Some student and parents may think that the material in The Autobiography of Malcolm X is not appropriate for school because of the race, sex, and drug use. But even though it does have all these things in the book, there are a lot of educational benefits of the novel as well. Malcolm X did a bunch of good things throughout his life, like one of his greatest...
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