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Topics: Tomato sauce, Ketchup, Pasta Pages: 1 (427 words) Published: April 2, 2013
In this video, Malcolm Gladwell talks about the nature of choice and happiness based on Howard Moskowitz who has done as much to make people happy as anyone who known for reinventing spaghetti sauce. There’re 3 pointed Malcolm mentioned in the video. First point is “People don’t know what they want. The mind knows not what the tongue wants.” In particularly, people always have a habit doing the same when they made a choice for what they want without thinking differently. Let’s looks example of Pepsi, Pepsi had to make a choice on how much aspartame they should put in their drink to make people like it. Why they could not try Diet Pepsi instead of regular Pepsi? They started to experiment with Diet Pepsi. While analyzing the Diet Pepsi data they came across another question why where they looking for the perfect Pepsi? When they should have been looking for the perfect Pepsis? Instead of looking at one choice they should have been looking at many choices. Gladwell said: “You had been looking for the perfect Pepsi. You're wrong. You should be looking for the perfect Pepsis." Second point is when we pursue universal principles in food, we aren't just making an error, and we are actually doing ourselves a massive disservice. That Malcolm Gladwell talks about Campbell’s Soup and their tomato sauce. There were two different kinds, Prego and Ragu. Some people convinced that: “Prego is a better tomato sauce than Ragu. The quality of the tomato paste is much better, the spice mix is far superior, and it adheres to the pasta in a much more pleasing way.” However, when Prego and Ragu’s company surveyed group people: "What do you want in a spaghetti sauce? Tell us what you want in a spaghetti sauce." No one told exactly what they want in a sauce. So, it turned out that instead they choose the best flavor not the best sauce. The final point of Howard Moskowitz that is in embracing the diversity of human beings, we will find a surer way to true happiness. He gives example...
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