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1.0 Introduction

Malaysia is a multiracial society that comprises many ethnic groups. In West Malaysia, the largest ethnic groups are the Malays, Chinese and Indians. In Sabah and Sarawak, the number of ethnic group is even bigger including the Kadazan , Bajau , Iban , Murut and Bidayuh. This difference in ethnicity that we have in Malaysia is paralleled by other things such as the way of life, languages, politics, economy, place of habitants and where they come from. The earliest ethnic was originated by the Malays. They were the ones who developed the main cultures of the country in the region. Besides the Malays, the Sabah and Sarawak were the early inhabitants in the east region. Therefore , they are classified as the “Bumiputera” also known as the sons of the soil. The variety was further enhanced with the arrival of other people such as the Chinese from China and the Indians from India. The Chinese and Indians were classified as the “non-Bumiputera”. The variation and diversity forms the pattern of the country today. “As distinct as the culture of each race may be, the intermingling of the population also gives rise to a special blend of culture and hospitable warmth that the Malaysian people are so famous for.” ( Malaysia Travel Guide, 2010 ) The following findings will cover the different composition of the population that present in Malaysia. We research the different ethnics in terms of history, culture, beliefs, customs and etc. As a Malaysian, I feel it is important to learn and know about the other ethnics culture well in order to be claim as a Malaysian. Therefore, I use this opportunity given by the elective subject that we are compulsory to take that is the Malaysian Studies to explore and do an in depth research for the different races in Malaysia.

2.0 Objectives of the Study

* To have an in depth understanding of the different races in Malaysia

* To create an opportunity to clear our doubts on some areas of the different races

* To access ability to do research and learning skill throughout the assignment

* To be able to create creativity in presenting the report and presentations.

* To have a greater knowledge about Malaysia.

Table of Content

Introduction 1
Objectives of Study2
Malaysian Malays3-7
Malaysian Chinese 8-12
Malaysian Indian 13-16

3.0 Malays in Malaysia
3.1 History
The Origin of the Malays in Peninsular Malaysia today were the descendants of people who originated from the Indonesian Archipelago. Among them are the Javanese, Minangkabau, Bajar, Bugis and Boyan. This is because before the colonialist arrived, the people in the Malay Achipelago area moved freely from one area to another . It was only after the 1824 Anglo – Dutch Treaty that the area was divided into what Indonesia and Malaysia today. ( Jali, Redzuan , Samah and Ismail, 2010 ) The Minangkabau people from Sumatra came to Malaysia in the fourteenth century and the Java people had lived as a merchants ever since the time of the Sultanate of Malacca. In addition , the large amount of immigration from Indonesian to Malaysia are the employment such as work in coffee and rubber plantations.

Several factors that contribute to the migration of the Malays in Indonesia to Malaya such as poverty, political stability and growing economy in Malaya, Indonesian traits and political instability in Indonesia. The presence of the Indonesians to Malaya has brought a few impacts on the country’s economy, politics and socio cultural. In the aspect of economy, the Malays has mainly involved themselves in agricultural and traditional industrial sectors. They become the rural community in the country because of its low productivity and low income. In terms of politics, the Malays are politically strong because they have the dominant prime movers in politics...

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