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Malaysia Recycle

By Meileyi Mar 06, 2015 381 Words
 TITLE: Malaysia Recycle
In a high growth economy like Malaysia, recycling is important due to the fact that it reduces waste materials that we use everyday and able to produce new materials though it without having send it to landfills or to the dump sites. So, why is it importance for us to recycle? We might not notice it but when we recycle there will be less rubbish or trash to dispose of and recycling create a good job than waste disposals. Malaysia recycle involves recycling for the purpose of saving energy. Therefore, we need to know the reason why should we recycle. First of all, recycling saves energy. Malaysia recycle involves recycling for the purpose of saving energy. Conserving energy remains an important issue in Malaysia, especially with increased demand and unpredictable energy markets. The energy saving thought recycling offer important environmental benefits and it needs less energy for producing new products from recycled materials when compared to making it from new materials. Besides that, effective Malaysia recycle strategy also involves reduces air and water pollution. Ways to reduces air and water pollution. Recycling process reduces the quantity of air pollution generated by power plants and also the extent of water pollution due to the use of chemicals in manufacturing process. Recycling saves 14 million trees each year and helps to reduce air pollution by around 165’000 tons. Lastly, recycling can create jobs to help some jobless people to have work to do. It is a comparatively a less expensive waste management process for urban regions because the process of recycling creates more jobs when compared to landfills or incinerators. As landfills grow, there is no much space left in Malaysia ’s urban regions and the capital unless everyone has minor landfill in their back yard. It also reduces the amount of solid waste that goes into landfills. In conclusion, there are some importance of recycle and they include conserving energy, reduces air and water pollution and also create jobs. As a result, recycling is very important as waste has a huge negative impact on the natural environmental. Therefore, we need to preserve natural resources for future generations. The best way to keep our home is to make the home atmosphere pleasant and let the air out of the tires.

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