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Topics: Film, Culture, Western culture Pages: 1 (388 words) Published: March 30, 2011
In what ways are Malaysian-made feature films important? Compare and contrast the potential impact foreign-made and locally-made films have on Malaysian audiences. According to the Oxford Dictionary, Films are a story or event recorded by a camera as a set of moving images and shown in a cinema or on television. Films from the first world countries which is the western countries like the United States, Europe countries to the Eastern countries such as the Republic of China to now the South East Asia countries like Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. Malaysia has also invested in the film industries and it has been in to a progress of bringing the local film industry into a brighter future in the whole world in a short period of time. The film industry as of the locally-made and the foreign-made films has expanded a lot over the years and it has also implied a heavy impact to the audience and it also became influential towards the society as of those message that has been emphasized in the films had made a great impact on the Malaysian audience and the other audience. The foreign-made and the locally-made films will both bring a cultural change to the society. The foreign-made films will bring in the western culture into Malaysia and change the society’s culture especially among the younger generation. Whereas the locally-made films will only emphasize on the current or lost cultures but it does not make a visible impact towards the society. The locally-made films could portray the messages that are brought in the film because it is realistic and it is in line with the current society and changes in Malaysia but as for the foreign-made films could not portray the messages in a film as the current society in Malaysia is not on the standard as the foreign-made films in such that we do not have the exact same culture and the mind set as the foreigners. Malaysian audience tends to follow the culture of a western country or the first world countries. However, it is due...
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