Malaysia Entrepreneurship

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Assignment 1

1.Introduction to Entrepreneurship.



This article about the story of Ms Helen Elizabeth Read sharing her success story as an entrepreneur as well as her personal struggles and achievements. As a one of the Malaysian Successful Entrepreneur, Ms Helen through her talks trying to share her tips, advice and secret towards her successful achievement in entrepreneurship. A lot of information and medium can easily search and learnt on how to become a successful player in business industry these day but the real life experience shared by Ms Helen in this article is priceless and much more benefit than other source available nowadays.

Lesson Learnt and Facts

Through this article i can learn some a good point that Ms Helen practiced in order to become a successful entrepreneur. Ms Helen at the first point of her talk emphasizes the important to read a various book which is contribute toward her daily learning. Her passion toward business made her determined to succeed as an entrepreneur. In order to success, Ms Helen put her employees much more important than her personal reasons when managing and running her factory/business everyday. She know they are depending on her for their livelihood. She also multiple her business portfolio with opening a “DELIcious café” inside her MS READ signature store in One Utama. Ten months later, her second “DELIcious café” was opened in Bangsar Village. In early 2006, Helen opened her shops in Isetan, Subang Parade and Lot 10. Now, there are 11 MS READ retail outlets in the Klang Valley, Penang and Johor. Her ability to transform a problem into opportunity is her greatest triumph of her successful story, she managed to detect on a problem...
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