Malaysia Contemporary Art Issues: Art as Idea-a View from Jalaini Abu Hassan

Topics: Art, Subject matter, Painting, Singapore, Malaysia, Halal / Pages: 7 (1594 words) / Published: Apr 4th, 2008
Malaysia Contemporary Art

Art as Idea
A view from Jalaini Abu Hassan


In this discussion, we will discuss on how the art act as an idea in Malaysia contemporary art scoop and Jalaini Abu Hassan is one of the Malaysia leading contemporary artist will be the panel for this session. Jai has been known for his aggressive and rough, energetic painting and Malay identical can always be found in his paintings.

We also look at Jai 's Beijing case study which lead him to produce Halal (2007) to get an idea of how the environment and new surrounding also can be idea to produce artwork. However, the discussion also bring us towards his earlier painting and how the painting process done to get such a mark or why did he leave his painting look unfinished to show that actually it is complete.

There will be area of interest and analysis of artwork which some of his work been view by different perspective and interesting critics which shown that reading a painting could be very subjective. It depends on the background of audience and how they accept the idea of artist also important on how the view would be made.

Issue Discussed

Issue that we discussed here is how idea can be form through experience, new surrounding, and social current issues. Through experience which is for Jai he has been into two discipline of art practise which is in Slade School of Art has known for strict, orthodox and conservative style of producing artwork whereas when he’s in Pratt, New York Jai has been more towards new fresh and very abstract in forming an artwork. Towards both different experiences, comes a unique presentation of artwork from Jai which is structured, very fond of block lettering yet very abstract in idea, movement and flow of drawing, leaving marks as a process of intelectual. Jai also believe that an artist inspiration or subject matter is always all about yourself or “personal”.

New surrounding is about Beijing case study which Jai been

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