Malaysia Consumer Food

Topics: Inflation, Restaurant, Juice Pages: 2 (626 words) Published: November 4, 2011
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY (Euromonitor International)
Overall market improvement due to rising consumer confidence During 2010, the overall consumer foodservice in Malaysia saw improvement due to recovery from economic recession. People were more willing to spend on eating out, be it at full-service restaurants, fast food restaurants, fine dining or casual dining eateries. The high inflation rate in Malaysia did not really affect the spending power in the consumer foodservice market. Casual dining full-service restaurants saw positive value growth within consumer foodservice in Malaysia during 2010. The reasons behind this were the affordable pricing provided by casual dining full-service restaurants and the wide variety of menu options provided. Increasing health consciousness among consumers in Malaysia

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of health related matters. During 2010, the government of Malaysia invested heavily in reminding the public of the dangers of over-consumption of alcohol and tobacco, as well as salt and sugar. The government has come up with wide range of campaigns such as adverts on TV and campaigns jointly with schools in order to implant the idea of health consciousness in the minds of students. Therefore, consumers have switched their preferences to healthier foods offered by certain restaurants, and started consuming organic products. One example of healthier eating is the rise of street stalls/kiosks selling fruit juice in Malaysia. Some of the players like Juice Works, Juice Bars and Bobalicious Smoothies have seen an on-going trend in Malaysia which people aiming at a healthier lifestyle. Hence, they tend to target those consumers by offering nutritional smoothies or healthy juice as an alternative to breakfast or coffee. Local companies and brands dominate consumer foodservice

QSR Brands, Golden Arches and Secret Recipe Cakes & Café dominated consumer foodservice in Malaysia. They have consistently marketed their products...
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