Malaysia and Public Administration

Topics: Malaysia, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Najib Tun Razak Pages: 3 (565 words) Published: August 23, 2013
The study on the history and development of public administration is actually focus on three major issues.

The major scholarly movements that contribute to the formation and establishment of public administration

The factors that are shaping the discipline

The institutional development of public administration

British colonial introduced British administration by following the Westminster (England) style of public service. British Colonial appointed British Residents to implement British Colonial Policy. British Colonial Civil Servants (MSC & MAS) played important roles in administering the Federated and Non-Federated Malaya States. The Malay Rulers dominated the state administration (Feudal System). Sultan appointed the administrative officials among the people to implement the Rulers’ Orders and Instructions. Maintaining law and Collecting taxes

Post-Independent Period (1957 – 1970)

NEP Period (1971 – 1990) – The Mei 1969 tragedy. Tun Abdul Razak (1971 – 1976) took over the Premiership from Tunku Abdul Rahman and established MAGERAN. Under Tun Razak NEP was formulated. Public administration played very important role in social and economic development. Look East Policy and BCA the motto of public administrative. (Red Book) Rural development was the focus eg: FELDA & FELCRA. MAMPU Modernization and Manpower Planning Unit (1977) . Continued by Tun Hussain Onn (1976 – 1981) & & Tun Dr. Mahathir. Development Era

The first Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman established government of The Federation of Malaya and the formation of Malaysian in 1963. Parliamentary Democracy and Constitutional Monarchy by maintaining the British style of administration. The Federal Constitution and till now is the supreme law. Two types of Malaysian Civil Service was established to implement the government policy. The Diplomatic Service (PTD) and General Service (PTA). The government was the main provider of public services.

1990s –...
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