Malaysia's Medical Tourism and Its Challenges

Topics: Medical tourism, Malaysia, Health economics Pages: 3 (798 words) Published: March 23, 2010
Malaysia’s medical tourism and its challenges

Traditionally, Tourism industry has been considered as people travel for recreational, leisure or business purposes. Travel as a relaxant is always a rigid classification for tourism industry when people talk about it. However, recently the new phenomenon is that, there are steep rise of people who travel and seek for medical treatment. This is so call “Medical Tourism”. A considerable amount of traveler is taking a trip for the purposes of medical concerns. Medical Tourism, also known as “health tourism” or “medical travel”, can be defined as the process of obtaining a range of health care services in various countries in the journey travel.

Traveling overseas for healthcare services is an ongoing trend for the elites of developing nation. Malaysia which honored as one of the “Asian tigers” is also not an exemption. Malaysia as a developing country that anticipated and participated in this new emerging market of medical tourism has become a forerunner in this industry. It is not an unfamiliar and inexperienced industry in the context of Malaysian development. It has become the most emerging element of Malaysian tourism industry due to the nation’s superiority in healthcare services, favorable medical performance and also professional and well-trained of its medical staff.

Furthermore, Malaysia with its unique background and cultural setting such as multi-cultural, multi-ethics and multi-lingual simply fits the requirement for international medical tourism patient seek for medical services who wishes no hindrance, for instance, in language spoken. Malaysia as a former British colony, English is spoken everywhere. Nevertheless, Malaysian is in a favorable condition where exchange rate is attractive in comparison to those developed nation, such as United States and United Kingdom. It makes the healthcare services more eye-catching in terms of medical bill.

Another from this, Malaysia government also...
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