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Grandparents are important and influential persons in all people's lives. They are those people who take care of you and love you. They are special persons who can give you wise advice. My grandfather, Muhamud bin Othman, was my inspiration. Although he died in March of 2002, he showed me how important life really was. My grandfather was just like my father. Although I had my real father around me, my grandfather was the one who was always there for me. No matter what happened in my life, he was always the one who looked beyond my faults. It seemed like no matter what I done, I was always a perfect little boy to him. My grandfather was great at many things. He was a faithful mosque member/worker, understanding, and humorous. My grandfather loved to go to mosque. When it came to mosque, he served in many auxiliaries. When he was down and sick, he was still attending mosque. My grandfather always taught me respect for others, and they showed me with their experience that love and feelings are important things in my life and that I don't have to pay attention to material things or what people externally look like.

To describe my grandfather I have to say that they are beautiful people that I admire because they are so active and so healthy. Even though my beloved grandfather are old, but he are always have a strong desire to enjoy life. In addition, the most important thing is that he has full of love and offer it to our families.My grandparents are a huge mixture of culture and nationalities because they come from different countries. For example, from my mother's side my grandfather is from Spain, and my grandmother is also from Spain, but from a different city. From my father's side, my grandfather is from Venezuela, and my grandmother is from Italy. Even though this is a huge mixture, my grandparents have a very good relationship. My four grandparents have a goal in common in their lives; their goal is to see our family full of happiness and to see us...
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