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Malanjkhand is present in Balaghat district of Madhya pradesh. It falls in the Birsha block and tehsil of Baihar, which is 22 kilometres (14 mile) from the Malanjkhand copper project, on the way to Balaghat Madhya Pradesh . It lies between Latitude 22003’11” to 22003’20” N and Longitude 80039’16” to 80040’16” E and form a part of 64B/12. Area: 2 Sq. km. (2.00 km. X 1.00 km.).The place is home of about 10,000 people.

Malanjkhand Copper Project (MCP) at Malanjkhand, Madhya Pradesh


Malanjkhand also referred to as MCP (acronym for Malanjkhand Copper Project).HCL is the largest open pit copper mine in India, located near the town of MalanjKhand.HCL is the one of the leading producer of copper in India. It is the largest base metal mine in India.Malanjkhand Copper Belt comprises of a large body of copper ore in granitic rocks varying from diorite to granite in composition. Prominent deposits are: Malanjkhand, Shitalpani (Balaghat, Madhya Pradesh), Gidhri Dhorli, Jatta and Garhi Dongri. Closepet series of the Dharwarian formation is prominent here. It is the main source of copper to Malanjkhand Copper plant functioning there. Besides copper, quartzite, copper pyrite and magniferous rocks are other important minerals sources found in Malanjkhand.. MCP though small place have communities i.e. social communities from all part Bengali,Malayalam Andhra, Bihari, etc. and they have their groups which are more popularly referred to as Samaj.

Now the lowest bench height is 376MRL and it can further extend to 340mrl.After that ore is excavated by underground mining because open pit mine is not economic for further downward.Depth of underground mine is from 0 to -300MRL,it is estimated by drilling bore hole of 1 km depth. LOCATION:

It is located in Karamsara village of Malanjkhand township in Balaghat district,MP.It is 90km away from Balaghat by road,130km from Gondia,150km from Durg.

The Malanjkhand hill stands above...
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