Making a Difference

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There was an old advertising slogan in the UK: a brand of wood seal proudly stated that ‘it does exactly what it says on the tin.’ What does it say on your tin? Does it say that you’ll wander off into giving tidbit sof the lives of 1950s directors? If I had bought a book advsrtising itself as anecdotes about meeting thes men, this would be perfect. In a narrative about war corresponfgibg, not so much. If you think it’s vital to retain this information, I’d suggest that you revise the stnopsis to make it clear how digressive the book is.

One of the key distinguisihg features betweeen amateur and prtofessional e-book writers is the use of modifiers. Too many adjectives make sentences indigestible. I suggest removing as many as possible. Reading one’s work aloud will reveal how clunky an over-modified sentence is. Most writers don’t take the trouble to read their work aloud, but the benefits are huge.

Excessive amounts of scrap and customer rejects has caused us to recommend three solutions to this. One, a new glue pot at a cost of $6,500. A more favorable solution is repairing the existing glue pot for $1,500 and then to purchase an International Glue Line Inspection System, the price for this system is $4,000. The new glue line system will decrease scrap and customer rejects by 75 percent. The system will detect breaks in the glue line and ejects defective cartons from the run. If the system detects more than five consecutive rejects, it automatically stops the machine. In the first year of use, the cost savings will exceed $10,000. More than covering the cost of rebuilding the glue pot and the new inspection system.

Ceri Levy’s new feature-length documentary about Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett’s band Gorillaz is in the final stages of editing.

By depleting or over harvesting of the trees has lead to soil erosion and increased desertification of the area. Soil erosion depletes nutrients from the soil leaving the land poor for agriculture. 3) Chile also lacks in social economics as well. The lack of governing organizations to help rectify their situation has only contributed to the problem. In the Philippines the depletion of natural resources is similar in nature but with more dire result. 6000 people were killed in the province of Leyte when flash flood tore through the Ormoc City in 1991. Because of excessive logging of the forest and conversion of that area into commercial farming practices such as sugarcane, the floods, coupled with the conversion of the forest left the heavy rains from typhoons with nowhere to go. The effect of this, left land and buildings destroyed, causing millions of dollars worth of damage. The social impact of those who lost loved ones, friends, and family can never get them back.

It had been reported, once the news of Dr. Kevorkian’s assisted suicide there were terminally ill patients that began to fear their doctors. According to Kathlyn Gay, Kevorkian claimed he had caused no death; he simply helped with his patients “last civil rights”. Dr. Kevorkian traveled throughout the Michigan area providing physician assisted suicide. Out of 43 assisted suicides 15 men and 28 women. An article by James Keenan states Kevorkian’s male patients had severe terminal illnesses, while the female patients suffered from breast cancer and other illnesses that are curable.

It was not till the assisted suicide of Miller and Wantz. Worsnop “Assisted Suicide Controversy” 405, an autopsy was performed on Wantz, who had originally complained to Dr. Kevorkian of severe pelvic pain, no pelvic disease was found. After hearing of the

autopsy report the State Board of Medicine suspended Kevorkian’s license on November 20, 1992. Kevorkian continued to assist in six more suicides, his last being a female, it was at this time the Michigan House of Representatives passed a bill making assisted suicide a felony, punishable to four years in prison.

The highly publicized assisted suicide of Wantz...
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