Making the Team

Topics: Football, Association football terminology, Play Pages: 3 (1155 words) Published: October 20, 2010
Adrian Martinez
Essay Assignment #1
Section 12
Making The Team
One of my challenges was in my Sophomore year when I didn't make the varsity team because I was not in good condition. The other challenge happen in my junior year when I got injured a week before the championship game and I had to recover before the game. When I was a sophomore I tried out for the varsity soccer team at my school but I did not make it, because I was not at that level. Some of the reason I did not make it were ,because I was overweight, slow, not strong enough and would put too much pressure on myself so I was not able to complete a pass or a shot. Those were the things I needed to work on so I could become a better soccer player. I was really upset because I really wanted to play for the varsity team because I wanted to get look at, on the junior varsity, no one looks at you. So you would be a no one in the junior varsity In 2008, I did what I could to improve my soccer skills so I could be a good soccer player.. When I tried out my junior year, I made the soccer team, as a starter. I was exited that I was one of the star players in the team. One game I got injured and I could not play for a while so I had to recover because I wanted to play in the championship game. The summer of 2008 I began to eat healthy so I could start to build muscle and lose weight. I stopped eating fast food,drinking,sodas, and any drinks that were bad for me, so I would just drink water every day. I drank about like ten bottles every day or even more. I drank plenty water because I wanted to be hydrated before the game or practice because when I am playing my body is using the water that is in my body and my muscles needs the nutrition. If I am not hydrated the day before my muscles are going to be cramping. I ran four times a week so I could get into shape so I would not be tired. I would always do two hundred pushups and sit ups every day before I went to sleep so I could become stronger...
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