Making the Right Choice

Topics: Childhood, Child, The Child Pages: 2 (499 words) Published: July 26, 2010
Making The Right Choice!
Parents and students eagerly wait for the declaration of board results of class X and as soon as board results are declared, the telephone bells of the schools start ringing incessantly. Every time the receiver is picked up, the same question is repeated “I want to admit my child in class XI science. What is the criterion for admission to XI Science”. Even if the child has scored low grades and has no interest in science, as if the child has no say in deciding his future. I personally feel, the child knows his potentials and capabilities better than anybody else. Parents and teachers can guide the child in making the right choice based on the aptitude of the child. On the the contrary, parents wish their children to be doctors and engineers without feeling what their children actually desire. They simply want to thrust upon their wishes on their children to get their unfulfilled dreams accomplished! Children in order to honour their parents, fall in line and do not disclose their penchant for the subjects they actually enjoy and succumb to parental pressure and at the end of the session, when they fail to come up to the expectations of the parents and the society, they undergo depression and adopt unhealthy habits which are undesirous. In most cases, the parents wish to relive their dreams through their children. In order to assess what their children actually want, parents should spend some quality time with their growing children. I have seen the children opting the subjects, they were never interested in, resulting in their failures year after year or changing the streams after losing one or more years or just struggling to get pass marks which have little value in this competitive world! Due to continuous failures inspite of putting in sedulous efforts, they lose interest in studies and end up nowhere. The conventional tradition being medicine and engineering, parents should explore other options as well. There are many new areas...
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