Making the Pitch

Topics: Alcoholic beverage, Drink, Source, Critical thinking, Driving under the influence, Automobile / Pages: 2 (400 words) / Published: Apr 1st, 2013
Making the Pitch 3/28/13

An original thesis:
Drinking and driving is one of the worst two combinations to put together. There are many problems that come along once you pick a drink up and get behind the wheel of a vehicle.
An revise thesis:
Drinking and driving has become one of the most killing and deadly things in society today, drinking and driving are two deadly combinations that should never be put together. There are a variety of serious problems that come along when you make the decision to get behind the wheel while you have been drinking such as legal, health, financial problems.

This thesis will be an effective one because it’s telling the person who is reading the essay what could happen if someone got behind the wheel while under the influence of alcohol. The challenges that I might face in supporting this thesis is catching a person's attention, I feel like I need more information in my thesis statement.
Research strategies that can help finding sources that will support my thesis is books, journal articles and web source to back it up. The type of library databases that might be helpful is a Kaplan University library, they have many sources to help with my project and the subject of drinking and driving. The organizations that could become helpful and useful information I could use is IDDPA which stands for International Drunk Driving Prevention Association. NCADD is another organization which stands for National Commission Against Drunk Driving. I haven’t thought about interviewing anyone yet but I am currently thinking about who I could interview. I will avoid biased research that uses logical fallacies by being my sources having a background. The source needs to have an author.

“Hello everyone! Do you know what is a huge problem in our society today? No? Well I do! Drinking and driving has become a deadly thing. Having a couple of drinks and getting behind the wheel is one of the worst combinations that

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