Making the Cut at Merrill Lynch

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Making the cut at Merrill Lynch PMD program - Essay
The interviewing process for the Merrill Lynch PMD training program is multi-faceted, including an initial phone interview for screening purposes, in person interviews with local management, and then finally interviews with senior financial advisors who have been around the block a few times. Be prepared to answer the following questions during the screening round if you want to make the cut and move on to the next step:. Some ways to think about the answers: Why Merrill and why now?Why now?

In order for work to be fully rewarding, it must: 
·      offer an opportunity to make a significant contribution – to both employer and clients ·      fully utilize my abilities, perspective, background and expertise ·      present new challenges on a regular basis

·      be personally fulfilling
With so many years in the same branch of financial services, I’m beginning to find a dearth of new challenges. Although fully engaged with my clients, and challenged by finding sometimes novel ways to help meet their objectives, I find myself working through the actual process by “rote” more often than not. Opportunities to explore new products and solutions are minimal; existing programs are already second nature.  

Therefore, after x years in financial services, x of those years at at one place, I have begun to seek a fresh way to utilize the expertise I’ve developed, in a setting that enables further intellectual stimulation and growth, while providing opportunities to learn new information, solve new problems, and assist clients in a new way that achieves their financial goals and brings in more business, ultimately making a contribution that significantly adds to the bottom line.  

Why Merrill?
In general, wealth management appears a logical next step in my career progression, enabling me to meet those stated goals.  
Specifically, Merrill Lynch has a strong, 68-year history of preparing new...
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