Making Sense of Violence and the Increase of Women Committing Violent Crimes

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Making Sense of Violence and The Increase
Of Women Committing Violent Crimes
March 2, 2012

This dissertation will investigate over 175,000 incarcerated women. Why women today are committing more violent crimes than in times pass. It is notable that the women who commit these crimes are victims of drug, alcohol, and domestic violence. (U.S. Census Bureau, (2012)). (Higginbotham, A. L. (1987)). Read real life stories of these women. Research from online (Internet) sources, will explore why, “even though the inmate may not be brutally harmed, they are being mentally harmed. (Irwin, J., & Owen, B. (2005)). Studies indicate that the health care of prisoners is among the worst of any group of people in the whole world (Van den Bergh, B., Gatherer, A., Fraser, A., & Moller, L. (2011). This dissertation will confirm that over half all women coming into prison are pregnant. (Hutchinson, K. C., Moore, G. A. (2008)). The main argument will be from the Epidemic Theory, “crime is contagious – just as a fashion trend is contagious – that it can start with a broken window and spread to an entire community.” (Gladwell, M., 2003). Has our society become so hard-hearted or closed minded that they would allow an innocent or mentally ill person to do time? What can we as a society do to change the injustices that occur every day? "Prison walls do not form a barrier separating prison inmates from the protections of the Constitution." (Higginbotham, A. L., 1987.)  

The Increase Of Women Committing Violent Crimes
Julie was her father forced a seventeen-year old prostitute on the streets at the age of fifteen. She continuously sought help; she went to teachers, counselors, her mother, and other family members to no avail. She finally was picked up off the streets; she was high on cocaine and had been beaten and raped by her father because she did not bring the money home to him. It took her going to prison to get her out of that life, because she could not get anyone in authority to listen to her. (Julie’s own story, 2009) Malcolm Gladwell states that crime is contagious and is epidemic (p. 155). Gladwell further ruminates that a person's behavior is the product of their environment and will continue to be influenced by the environment and eventually the person will act on it. Gladwell believes that crime is so severely contagious that it will continue to spread throughout its own neighborhood (p.155). Does this prove Gladwell's theory of "Power of Context," “you are a product of your environment?” (p.155) Julie’s story is only one of hundreds of girls who have experiences of this type every day. Are they contagious? Will they continue to commit their crime when they are released? women who had assistance to re-establish themselves into society as responsible and productive citizens were less likely to reoffend. (Cobbina, J. E., 2009). Is pregnancy contagious? Over one-half of women that come to prison are pregnant. (Hutchinson, K. C., Moore, G. A., 2008) Is this because of their environment? Most of the women that came to prison pregnant wanted their babies. Contrary to what most people on the outside believe, not all women (or men) are bad because they come to prison. Many "really" are innocent of their crime, and others are circumstance to them. No, not say victims, but of circumstance, and there is a difference. However, being pregnant is a major issue. The prisons are mostly ran by the state (here in Nevada anyway). They do not keep the facility up maintenance wise. The prisons are overcrowded and they have begun doubling up bed space over the past four years. A two-man cell now houses four and twelve-man cell houses twenty-four. Our prison had even begun housing seniors, handicapped and pregnant women out in the middle of the pods. These women want to be home with their families, and they want to live the life that God meant for them too, they have just not been taught how to do so in a healthy, legal manner. This...

References: Irwin, J., & Owen, B. (2005). The Warehouse Prison Disposal Of The New Dangerous Class. (First ed., p. 318). Fresno: California State University at Fresno.
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