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Fair & Lovely Multi Vitamin Cream Review

by Punam on July 1, 2010 · 43 comments

Fair & Lovely Multi Vitamin Cream

Hi Girls, here is my second review on The Very famous and widely used Product “Fair & Lovely”. If you are regularly using it then you definitely fall in love with it. Actually I was searching for the Review of Fair & Lovely on IMBB, I thought somebody must have already written but strange nobody has written about Fair & Lovely.

So I thought Let me have a privilege of writing on Fair & Lovely.

Actually Fair & Lovely is the first cosmetic product which I started using when I was in school (Strange No!!)

But I really appreciate the Fair & Lovely cream. It’s been so many years but the market for Fair & Lovely is not gone down yet.

I Just Love the Fragrance of Fair & Lovely. Today there are so many fairness products in market but as per my knowledge Fair & Lovely is the only product which is pretty old and has an experience of so many years.

There are 4 variants of Fair & lovely are available in the Market: Fair & Lovely Multi vitamin
Fair & Lovely Ayurvedic Cream
Fair & Lovely Anti Marks
Fair & Lovely Menz Active

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You can also use Fair & Lovely as a base of your makeup. (I always use Fair & Lovely as a base and then I apply the makeup which helps my makeup to stay for longer time.)

If you apply Fair & Lovely as a base before makeup then your makeup will last for hours. Even if you are sweating it does not show the sweat on your face.

Fair & Lovely is available in 80 gm, 50 gm, 25 gm & 9 gm (sachet) packs and it is easily available in any Medical shops also.

Now Fair & Lovely is also available for Men with a name Fair & Lovely Menz Active.( Shah rukh Khan is Advertising for this Cream … interesting No ???)

Everybody should know about the product history!
Fair & Lovely was launched in 1978 in India. (Pretty Old Product) Fair & Lovely is sold in over 30 countries worldwide. These include countries across Asia, Middle East and Africa. Fair & Lovely does not contain Alcohol. All the oil & fat used in Fair & Lovely products are of vegetable or synthetic origin only. Fair & Lovely doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients. All Fair & Lovely ingredients have been safety cleared and are all approved for cosmetic products as per local regulations. All the ingredients used for the base are all widely used in personal care products globally and approved by agencies like the BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) which work together to protect the skin from darkening and gently, safely lightening the skin. Fair & Lovely also provides skin benefits in the form of improvement of skin texture and lightening of skin. This has been validated by other cosmetic manufacturers. (As per Fair & Lovely)

When to Use?

Fair & Lovely should be used 2 times a day preferably after washing the face so as to ensure that dirt, dust and grime are removed from the skin prior to applying the product.

What Fair & Lovely Says about their Products?

More than the benefits given by our technology/products are reversible (that is once the product application is discontinued), the consumer will revert back to their initial color/skin state within a few weeks. This is what makes our technology safe and unique.

The Fair & Lovely gets absorbed into the skin as soon as you rub it in gently. Fair & Lovely avoids leaving oily look. Fair & Lovely says that their products are suitable for all skin types and are not known to have any side effects.

Here are the photos of my Fair & Lovely Multi vitamin Cream

Fair & Lovely Sachet (Very easy to carry anywhere)

Before Applying Fair & Lovely
What I Like about Fair & Lovely Products?
The most important: fragrance is too good.
You feel so soft after applying Fair & Lovely.
Fair & Lovely does not contain alcohol...
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