Making Milk Glue

Topics: Milk, Filter paper, Cheese Pages: 2 (390 words) Published: August 28, 2013
Making Milk Glue
James, Su Hong, Ryan, Chace
Aim: To find out if you can make glue from milk.
Materials: 100ml of milk
White vinegar 25ml
Baking soda 5g
Two 250ml beakers
Stirring rod
Bunsen burner
Tripod, gauze mat and heat proof mat
Filter funnel and filter paper
Two pieces of paper
Method: 1. the tripod, gauze mat, and heat proof mat were set up. The Bunsen burner was then lit.

2. A 250ml was filled one third and milk was then added.
3. 25ml of vinegar was then added to the mixture.
4. The mixture was then slowly heated while being stirred consistently. Once white clumps (curds) were seen the burner was turned off. 5. The filtering apparatus was set up.

6. The mixture was poured into the filtering equipment until all liquid (whey) was separated from the curds. 7. The way was then poured into the sink.
8. Curds were then put back into their original beaker and one spatula of baking soda was put into the mixture. 9. The mixture was stirred and then put on a two pieces of paper and then stuck the two pieces together. Results:

In the experiment it was found that milk glue is strong enough to stick two pieces of paper together. It doesn’t take long for small curds to form but you should wait longer for the big curds. Discussion:

During the experiment the mixture was made and then heated and filtered so that the curds were separated from the whey. The experiment was successful in which the mixture was strong enough to stick two pieces of paper together. Curds are a dairy product obtained by curdling milk with rennet or an edible acidic substance such as lemon juice or vinegar. People have made and used milk glue before very successfully. The experiment could be improved by adding more baking soda so the mixture becomes thicker and stirring very thoroughly right throughout the experiment. We could test the glue on fabrics, cardboard or by gluing two different materials together. Conclusion:

The experiment was...
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