Making Ionic Compounds

Topics: Magnesium, Laboratory equipment, Electricity Pages: 2 (393 words) Published: March 9, 2011
Making Ionic Compounds

G1 Chemistry
Eli Martin, Kien Martin, Taylor Duncan

The student was testing the results of heating magnesium. The magnesium ignited and then melted in the crucible after the student lit the Bunsen burner. Then the melted magnesium smoked, turned white and glowed. The student would think glowing melted magnesium is very interesting.

If you heat magnesium, then it melts and glows white.

Magnesium ribboncrucible tongs
Cruciblecentigram balance
Ring stand and ring100-ml beaker
Clay triangledistilled water
Laboratory burnerconductivity tester
Stirring rod

The student starts off by collecting the materials he will need. The he asks the teacher to turn on the gas. Then he cleans out the crucible, and he puts it on the assembled ring stand. After completing that task, he puts the Bunsen burner under the crucible. Then add the magnesium to the crucible and light the Bunsen burner. Once the magnesium ignited, the student turned off the Bunsen burner. The magnesium will keep burning, although there is no added heat going to it. The student records data about the magnesium. Once the magnesium stops burning, the student measures out 10 ml of distilled water, pours it into a beaker and adds the melted magnesium to the beaker. Record what happens to the magnesium and the electric current that it conducts. Then the student cleans up. Results:

The student successfully completed the lab without burning the building down. The student was successful in getting an electric current from the magnesium and distilled water compound. There could be error in measuring the distilled water and leaving the Bunsen burner on too long.

The purpose of the lab was to see if distilled water mixed with magnesium had an electric current. The major findings in the lab were that magnesium burns when heated. The hypothesis was supported by the...
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