Making Effective Oral Presentation

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Making Effective Oral Presentations

Northeastern University, College of Business Administration

Edward G. Wertheim, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Human Resources Management

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|Outline of this Note | |Introduction | |Podium Panic | |Four Basic Steps | |1. strategy | |2. structure | |3. style | |Are You Distracting the Audience and Drawing Attention away from your Message? | |Regional accents or colloquialisms: (or I'd rather jump in the Boston Hahbah than give a speech) | |Physical mannerisms | |Voice Tone | |Keeping your Audience's interest | |4. supplement: questions and challenges | |Conclusion: A Checklist for your Presentation | |Appendices | |[pic]An Outline for Your Presentation | |[pic]An evaluation form that will be used for your presentation | |[pic]Using Visual Aids Effectively | | |


While hard work and good ideas are essential to success, your ability to express those ideas and get others to join you is just as important. Much of this verbal expression will be one on one or in small groups but periodically (and for some of us often) you will be involved in more formal and public speaking in front of larger numbers. If this thought makes you nervous you are not alone. Many speakers lack the skills and confidence to make effective presentations. We have all been victims of speakers (eg. teachers) who put us to sleep. Despite knowing how ineffective many speakers are, many of us have found that, despite the best intentions, we haven't fared much better. We knew the topic and the ideas were written down, but the presentation still didn't go well. Was it the way you delivered the speech? Was it because the audience didn't seem interested? [pic]Podium Panic Everyone experiences stage fright, speech anxiety, or talking terror. Surveys show that fear of speaking in front of groups is one of the greatest fears people have. Some surveys...
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