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Topics: Decision making, Decision theory, Cognition Pages: 2 (389 words) Published: May 26, 2013
What are some group decision-making techniques that could have helped reduce conformity pressures and groupthink among the Advert team?
Group decision-making techniques are many, however the nominal group technique is considered to be the most suitable in the case of the Advert team. This technique can be describes as a group decision making method in which individual members meet face-to-face to pool their judgments in a systematic and coordinated way but under an independent atmosphere to be able to reach at a final homogeneously reached decision. Group members must be present, as in a traditional committee meeting, but they are required to operate independently. The chief advantage of this technique is that it permits the group to meet formally but does not restrict independent thinking as so often happens in the traditional interacting group

Brainstorming is a relatively simple technique that utilizes an idea generating process that specifically encourages any and all alternative while withholding any criticism of these alternatives. In typical brainstorming session, a half dozen to a dozen people sit around a table. Of course , technology is changing where that table is. The group leader states the problem is a clear manner that is understood by all participants. Members that "freewheel" as many alternatives as they can in a given time. No criticism is allowed and all the alternatives are recorded for later discussion and analysis. Brainstorming, however, is merely a process for generating ideas. The next method , the nominal group technique help groups arrive at a preferred solution.

The most recent approach to group decision making blend the nominal group technique with computer technology and is called the electronic meeting. Once the technology for the meeting is in place the concept is simple. Numerous people sit around a table that's empty except for a series of computer terminals.Issues are presented to the participants who type their...
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