Making Comparisons

Topics: Charles de Gaulle, Voting, Winston Churchill Pages: 2 (467 words) Published: March 5, 2007
Making Comparisons
Both Winston Churchill and Charles de Gaulle are considered great military leaders of our time. They both had different experiences in life but there were also lots of similarities. While Winston Churchill had a bigger legacy than Charles de Gaulle they were both great leaders who were devoted to their country in times of war.

Charles de Gaulle and Winston Churchill are very similar in some circumstances and also had somewhat of the same sort of upbringing. Both of their fathers were in war and were considered heroes. When they were both born they were "poor" students in a military academy. Winston Churchill had a privileged but unhappy childhood while de Gaulle was just an average student. They were both in war and escaped enemy prison camps. Winston Churchill and Charles de Gaulle were both elected into office then were out voted because their views and ideas. Both of their views did not fit into a set category of political preferences which caused them to lose votes. In times of war, their country called on them because they needed them to help run the military but in times of peace they were not needed as much and even lost the office that they had currently had. They were both prime ministers of their countries more than once but were also considered traitors to their country because of their beliefs and actions.

There are also lots of differences between the two men. For instance Charles de Gaulle did not like the United States and wanted to keep them isolated and not involved while Winston Churchill liked the United States. One of the most obvious differences is that Charles Winston is English and de Gaulle is French. Another difference is that Charles de Gaulle was a leader even in exile and not for a specific country while Charles Winston was the official leader in war time. They both wrote military strategies but Charles de Gaulle wrote it after the war. Winston Churchill was more popular than Charles de Gaulle and when they...
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