Makers: Women who made America

Topics: Tennis, Billie Jean King, Grand Slam Pages: 2 (522 words) Published: May 4, 2014
In part 1 of Makers: Women Who Make America it talks about how it was complicated for women in society, because they weren’t treated equally as men. People viewed women as being less capable of what man could do. When they interviewed …… she explain how women weren’t able to run in the Boston marathon. She had a good interest in running and thought women should be able to run in the marathon as well. So she sign up for the race with just her initials, and when she was in the race everyone was surprised. When she crossed the finished line she showed how women could be good at certain sports just as men. Also another scene from the movie is when women didn’t have many job opportunities as men. It was hard for them to get jobs they were criticized by men who didn’t think it was right for women to work other than stay home and take care of their family.Also when they interview Carolyn Graglia she saids all the things women at home can do which is extremely worth while is dismissed and uworthy of any respect. This made women feel as if they were unworthy to society.

In part 2 of Makers: Women Who Make America it explains how women were tired of not being tried equal in society anymore so they wanted to be treated completely different so they started an women movement rights and discovered feminism. One scenes from the movie that showed this is the battle of the sexs. That was a tennis match between Bobby Ricks and best female tennis player Billie Jean King. Billie won the match against him which she earned prize money and was able to open up the first women professional tennis service. This was a big social change for many women. Another scene from the movie was when women were divorcing their husbands. Feminism gave women courage to think about a lot of things they realize they wanted more and to be free. Also when Erica Jong was interviewed she talked about when how women would have never write about certain things such as sexuality because she accepted herself...
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